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    Ancient Tibetan Chanting from the Gyuto Monks of Tibet

    Sacred 'Zambhu Chuwoo'

    Chant of Gyuto

    In association with the Office of His Holiness the Karmapa and to support the awareness of the Gyuto monks work preserving the ancient tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and culture we are making this sacred chanting download available.


    The chant is called 'Zambhu Chuwoo: Seven offerings to Yamantaka (10min 18s). Yamantaka is a manifestation of the bodhisattva Manjushri, a divinity of wisdom and knowledge. The seven offerings are the seven emblems of royalty: the precious wheel, the previous jewel, the precious queen, the precious minister, the precious elephant, the precious horse and the precious general. This is a powerful recording of the monks chanting in traditional Tibetan harmonies and can be listened to in yoga, meditation and contemplative practices or out of general interest.


    The famous Gyuto Monastery is located high in the Himalayan foothills of India where a community of almost 500 Tibetan monks who practice a special form of Tibetan Buddhism. They are known throughout the world for their unique and mysterious style of chanting.


    The work of the monks is for the benefit of all sentient beings (all living things) around the world and they are part of the Gelugpa Tradition.

    Please download the monks special chanting recording and we hope it brings you and the world peace and understanding.

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